The Legend of Titan XIII (Phantom Cosmonaut Theme)

from by Jean-Marc Giffin & Trevor Casterline



A shadowy figure on the wing of a doomed craft. A laughing skull as your cockpit glass cracks. Rumor has it he was there when Titan XIII imploded, and when the residents of the Ursa mining colony met their fates. Who was the ruin that came to Fargon Station? All of these and more are attributed to the Phantom Cosmonaut.

Not much is known about the Phantom Cosmonaut, though much is both speculated and feared. Is he the haunted body of some ancient astronaut? Is he the dread of some bygone era, a grim reminder of a time when humans had to wear cumbersome suits to survive in the terrifying vacuum of space? Is he the echoed reflection of another dimension? No one knows. But what they do know is that he is a portent of doom: when a space traveler sees his eerie glow, something bad is sure to happen. As for the power prizms, his reasons for seeking them are unknown, but his intentions are certainly ill.

Not existing entirely in this reality, the Phantom Cosmonaut can use his power, MURK, to pass through obstacles without crashing. He may activate this ability at the start of his turn and skip the crash phase.


from Lazer Ryderz, released July 19, 2017
Artist: Jean-Marc Giffin



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