The Last Carchonian (Lazer Shark Theme)

from by Jean-Marc Giffin & Trevor Casterline



The Carchonian Empire, once located deep within the Sphyrnidae Galaxy, was a horrible blight on the universe. This aggressive empire expanded and destroyed civilizations, their monstrous reavers demolishing entire worlds. After years of suffering, a universal coalition formed and finally eradicated them.

One lone survivor, equipped in her cybernetic battlesuit, escaped the massacre: the Lazer Shark, a mercilessly insatiable predator. Always on the hunt, she plies the space ways in search of the fabled Blood Nebula. She holds within her the last remaining hope for her species, and only there can she lay her eggs. The power prizms are her final key to find this legendary place.

With a burst of speed, the Lazer Shark can tear forward faster than any other Lazer Ryder, putting it all on the line to nab a power prizm. Her RIP ability launches her into incredible movement, allowing her to place a 5th gear lazer piece after taking her normal turn. This doesn’t change her current gear. However, if she is unable to capture a prizm, she burns up and crashes. The strategy can work two ways: allowing her to jump ahead and devour a prizm, or giving her the chance to crash and escape an unfavorable position.


from Lazer Ryderz, released July 19, 2017
Artist: Trevor Casterline



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