Hangin' 10 on Paradise 3 (Galactic Waveryder Theme)

from by Jean-Marc Giffin & Trevor Casterline



The Murad Rings. The Amato Gravity Well. J1407B. What do all of these locations have in common? They've all been shredded by the Galactic Waveryder, the raddest solar rider in the known universe. Ten-time champion of the Grand Kahuna Award, he hails from the beach world of Paradise 3, the heart of the Kulture's pleasure planets. Long bored of the mundane thrills of diving headfirst into exploding suns and spinning off the edges of a white hole, he now seeks experiences beyond even the limits of the High Gnarly Council's understanding.

With his experimental hyperboard underfoot, the Galactic Waveryder surfs the outer reaches in search of the power prizms. He believes they can unlock the Omega Wave, the ultimate curl, and surely the most tubular experience of all time.

The Galactic Waveryder can use his ability, FLY, to take two sweet double-curves at once, allowing him to pull a radical u-turn or shred an awesome S. He may place two hard turns of the speed he is currently in without rolling for success. His maneuverability is unrivaled, allowing him to double back to grab a prizm behind him or work his way around other players to get to his goal.


from Lazer Ryderz, released July 19, 2017
Artist: Jean-Marc Giffin



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