Blazing the Startrail (Super Sheriff Theme)

from by Jean-Marc Giffin & Trevor Casterline



Faster than the speed of crime, the Law Star Rangers appear, capturing criminals and bringing justice in their wake. The Super Sheriff is the greatest of this elite force. With an untarnished record and a 100% capture rate, she pursues outlaws in the wilds of space, beyond the reach of the universal coalition.

Atop her lazer steed, with her trusty sidearm and her power armor, she's brought in such criminals as the Black Hole Gang, Banditotron 2000, and the Starcrusher Boys. Her current mission is to blaze a trail to the distant power prizms and lock them down, as well as prevent the escape of any ne'er-do-wells currently in pursuit of their unknown abilities.

With her mighty sidearm, BLAZE, the Super Sheriff uses her unerring aim to fire a hyper-energy distortion beam at her opponents during her turn. This can be used to slow them down to 1st gear, allowing her to pull ahead. Alternately, she may use her beam to max out an opponent's speed up to 5th gear, sending them out of control and possibly into a crash.


from Lazer Ryderz, released July 19, 2017
Artist: Trevor Casterline



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